As you like it (aka GF vegan Okonomiyaki)


A work in progress

20160822_160629So….big news is that we are in the thick of planning a family holiday to Japan! The highlights of many of our holidays (at least for my husband and myself) have invariably included food.

We hope Japan will be no exception (despite the warnings of the inherent difficulties of finding vegan / low gluten versions of traditional Japanese dishes in Japan)…..I am optimistic about being able to find something suitable to eat. I don’t however want our 2 pint sized travelling companions to rain on my culinary parade. So in a quest for tolerance of the new and exciting, I am trying out some easily accessible Japanese dishes on them.

So far this week we have had Onigiri, Vegetable Donburi, and Okonomiyaki. I do have a vegan Japanese cookbook which I used for inspiration……however I didn’t have most of the ingredients on the list so I have pretty much winged…

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